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Crystal Coast

Stars: Any victory, victory with no leaks, victory on Hard mode.


Campaign 1 1.png

Doesn't have much strategy. Sometimes gets distracted and forgets to build.

Mama Mayra

Campaign 1 2.png

Likes using Area of Effect (AOE) fighters for maximum sweepage.


Campaign 1 3.png

Only uses Fortified fighters (All other fighters are wimps). Loves sending Brutes, too.

Captain Jack

Campaign 1 4.png

Relies heavily on his maritime pals: Sea Serpents and Deepcoilers, which deal +10% damage.


Campaign 1 5.png

Always starts Wileshroom and likes to use healing. Prefers mounting attacks on Natural/Fortifed waves.


Campaign 1 6.png

Likes to save mythium, then unleash huge offenses. Starts the game with +10 income.

King Dan

Campaign 1 7.png

Likes to grow his income first, then mount big offenses late. All units deal +10% damage.

Desert Ridge

Coming soon!

Floating Isles

Coming soon!