Wave 10 Boss: Granddaddy

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“Once an ancient fossil, now brought back to life by a deranged scientist.”

General Information

Wave 10 Boss: Granddaddy is the second Boss that you encounter during the game and also it is one of two Waves which only have one creature.

  • Another unique aspect of this Boss is that you gain Gold based on the amount of damage you dealt to a Granddaddy.
    • The total bounty for killing a Granddaddy is Gold.png 150. Gold.png 125 of the Gold is for the Damage you dealt and the remaining 25 Gold is earned by killing a Granddaddy.
    • So for example if you Leak a Granddaddy at 1 health point you only receive 124 Gold once the Granddaddy reaches the Mythium Gate.







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