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Guilds are in-game communities, led by a guild leader. Guild members work together to unlock rewards for the whole guild by winning games, participating in guild wars, and donating cards.

Guilds are expensive to create, costing PremiumEssence.png 4,165 Premium Essence or Essence.png 75,000 Essence, to ensure that guilds are meaningful and led by an experienced player. If you are a new player, it is recommended to join an existing guild rather than creating your own.

After you join a guild, the guild's abbreviation will be displayed next to your name, and its avatar and emblem will be displayed in-game.

Screenshot of an example guild (the image fades out at the bottom). At the top is a thumnail image (Dark Mage wearing sunglasses), the name (1 Guild to Rule them all), abbreviation (RULE), total members out of maximum members (30/30), a crown emoji, and an "Apply" button (it's greyed out because the member cap has been reached). There is also a green Guild XP bar indicating both current level and progress to the next one (it about 20% of the way to Level 72). Next to it is a present icon. Below comes a list of members and statistics; the columns from left to right are "Name", "Title", Country", "Rating", "Last Played", "Guild Contribution", and "Total Contribution." The latter two are displayed with silver trophy icons. For example, Bonny (whose avatar is a Deepcoiler) has the title "Super Salty Boy LEADER", is from Germany, is level 33, has a Senior Master I ranking, last played on June 7, 2022, and has a guild contribution equal to total contribution (54450).

Guild and Total Contribution

Guild contribution is the total guild experience(GXP) a player has contributed to their current guild. Members with higher guild contribution appear closer to the top of the member list. However, the Leader will always appear first, even if he has less GXP than other members. Total contribution is accumulation of all GXP a player has contributed to all guilds. Every 100 total contribution adds a permanent 1%Essence.png gain to the player's account.

Players can earn GXP in several ways in Legion TD 2. Every time a member of a guild wins a game they gain 10 GXP. Donating a card to the guild can yield anywhere from 80-4500 GXP.

Guild Wars

Image displaying the in game Guild Rewards and Guild War information

Guild Wars are events that take place every Saturday from 7:00 am to 2:59 pm PST. During a Guild War, the guild earns Victory Points when members win matchmade games.

  • 1st win: 5 Victory Points(+5 VP if partied) and +20 bonus GXP
  • 2nd win: 5 Victory Points(+5 VP if partied) and +20 bonus GXP
  • 3rd win: 5 Victory Points(+5 VP if partied) and +20 bonus GXP
  • 4th win: 5 Victory Points(+5 VP if partied) and +20 bonus GXP

There are no bonuses after 4 wins.


GXP is given as a reward for the guild achieving a top 50 placement in a guild war.

  • 1st Place Guild: +1000 GXP
  • 2nd Place Guild: +500 GXP
  • 3rd-50th Place Guild +250 GXP

Card Donation

Guild Card Donation Page
Guild Card Donation Page

Donating a card to a guild contributes GXP and adds the card to that guild's inventory. Once a guild owns 5 stacks of a specific card, the guild leader can equip that card as an avatar. 15 stacks of the same card unlocks a silver border, and 50 stacks unlocks a gold border.

The amount of GXP gained by donating a card is determined by both the rarity of the card, as well as if it is the first card of that type. If it is the first time that type of card has been donated to the guild, then a bonus 200% GXP is given. For example the first time an Imp card(Legendary Rarity) is donated, the GXP given would be 900 instead of 300.

GXP given is as follows:

  • Uncommon: 80 GXP
  • Rare: 100 GXP
  • Epic: 160 GXP
  • Legendary: 300 GXP
  • Secret: 1500 GXP