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Premium Essence is Legion TD 2's premium currency.

Premium Essence can be used to purchase a variety of premium items, from Skins and Cards, to Game Coach Personalities and Game Client Backgrounds

When making a Premium Essence purchase through the Shop, you will be prompted to pay using your Steam Wallet.
While making your purchase, you can enter a Creator Code to give an approved content creator a portion of the money spent on your purchase.
To see if any of your favorite Legion TD 2 content creators have a Creator Code, please check their about and description section(s) on the site(s) where you view them.

Premium Essence can be gained through many methods, including: purchasing through the Shop, reaching certain Guild Milestones, participating in Tournaments, and a one time Gift-a-Friend option.

Premium Essence Value (USD)

Price Quantity Essence/USD
$5 650 130
$10 1380 138
$20 2800 140
$35 5000 143
$50 7200 144
$100 15000 150

Premium Essence Shop Page

example Premium Essence purchase page