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Legion TD will sometimes host limited-time events. These may be recurring, such as the Nova Cup, or they may be 1-time special occasions such as the August 2022 Gold Rush event. Participation in these events usually grants players the chance to earn awards such as mercenary skins or additional essence.

Recurring Events

Recurring events include the Nova Cup, the Weekly Challenge, and the 1 v 1 Featured Game Mode.

Nova Cup

The Nova Cup is a monthly tournament.

Weekly Challenge

Please refer to the Weekly Challenge page.

Featured Game Mode

The 1 v 1 Featured game mode allows a single player to lane against one other opponent [1]. It includes an Event Point (EP) leaderboard; points increase and decreased based on wins and losses, but each game played guarantees 3 EP. Rewards include:

  • 10,000 essence for a top 10 finish
  • 5000 essence for a top 100 finish
  • 1000 essence for a top 1000 finish
  • 500 essence for reaching 150 EP at any point

The rewards are typically unlocked after the event concludes.

One-time Events

2022 Gold Rush

Currently expected to run from August 10 - August 14 [2], the Gold Rush event unlocks additional gold in Classic Mode. All players gain additional gold after each wave, with worker gather rates reduced to compensate.

2022 April Fools Weekend

From April 1 - 3, all Brutes used the Friendly Brute skin, and players who won a matchmade game permanently unlocked the skin. The Game Coach temporarily told dad jokes instead of its usual greeting. There was also 3x essence gain and card drops enabled; meanwhile, the game was on a 20% off sale on Steam. For the duration of the event, the 1 v 1 featured game mode was available. [3]