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Legion TD takes place on a different map depending on the number of players. Typically, games are either 2vs2 players (as in Ranked mode) or 4vs4 players (as in Classic mode). Seasonal events may introduce variants such as 1vs1 mode, which is also used in the Campaign. Each player has their own segment, called a lane, that they defend by building fighters. At the top of the lane is the Mythium Gate, through which the wave and mercenaries enter to attack once the battle phase begins. A team's lanes are parallel and ultimately converge on a walkway to the King.


Aerial view of a 2vs2 player map. Four caves lead to four parallel lanes, with a barrier down the middle dividing each team. The team's lanes converge into a single lane that leads to the King.


Aerial view of one team's section of a 4vs4 player map. Four doorways lead to four parallel lanes, which lead to a courtyard with a statue of the king. At the base of the map is the actual king.