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Skins are purely cosmetic and change the appearance of fighters or mercenaries. They can typically only be bought via premium essence, but can sometimes be unlocked through achievements or via events. They can be viewed and equipped via the "Equip" tab of the player profile.

Available Skins

Unlockable Skins

Water Spirit Nekomata

An image of the Nekomata Water Spirit skin from six angles. Nekomata's markings are now blue, as are its eyes and the jewels on its back, forehead, and collar. The jewels and eyes now glow.

In January 2022, it was announced that any player who achieved any 2 season goals will unlock the Water Spirit Nekomata skin [1]. It will be available to purchase in the shop beginning 2023.

Friendly Brute

The Friendly Brute skin from three angles. The brute is wearing a white T-shirt with a purple peace sign on the front and a yellow smiley face on the back. It's also wearing denim shorts and a propeller cap (yellow, white, and blue with a red propeller). It's carrying a white daisy.

The Friendly Brute skin was introduced during the 2022 April Fool's Weekend event [2]. All players who won a matchmade game mode permanently unlocked the skin. It is now available for purchase in the shop.