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Four bonuses being applied to a ranked match's earned essence.

Essence is Legion TD 2's free currency that is earned by playing the game.

Essence gain can be increased by good behavior, donating cards to your Guild, earning MVP in a match, first win bonuses, and by participating in certain Events.

Essence can be spent in the Shop on Cards, use of Mastermind Options outside of Ranked, and more.

Bonus Essence Sources

Name Source Description Amount Awarded
First Win of the Day Classic, Ranked Win a matchmade game, can not be earned again for 24 hours 500 Essence
MVP Classic, Ranked Earn your team's MVP title in a Matchmade game. .1 * Essence earned
Guild Donations Classic, Ranked Donate Cards to your Guild. (.01 * Guild Contribution) * Essence earned
Behavior Score Classic, Ranked Win a Matchmade game while maintaining a good Behaviour Score. ≤.1 * Essence earned
Season Goals Ranked Reach a peak rating of X before the deadline, three per season. 5000 Essence
Challenger Trophy Weekly Challenge Beat the original player's score. 1000 Essence
Challenger Elite Trophy Weekly Challenge Achieve the top score in the Weekly Challenge. 2500 Essence

Example Shop Page

Shop Example Page