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The shop allows players to spend essence on cosmetic items such as backgrounds, skins, Game Coaches, and cards. They can also purchase account upgrades and unlock additional Mastermind Playstyles. They can also spend money on premium essence.

Screenshot of the different tabs of the in-game shop, including: Skins, Account, Playstyles, Backgrounds, Game Coach, and Card Trader. The "Skins" tab is highlighted in teal. It also displays the player's total essence and premium essence, with an option to buy premium essence (this button is purple).


Skins are cosmetic items that affect the appearance of fighters and mercenaries. For additional information, see Skin.


Currently, the only available purchase under the Account tab is "Name Reset". Purchasing it allows you to change your player name. It costs either 535 Premium Essence or 20000 Essence.

A screenshot of the Name Reset function. The icon is a spread-out scroll of blank parchment with a white quill hovering over it. The text says "Name Reset", and lists the two possible prices: 535 Premium Essence or 20000 Essence.


Different Mastermind Playstyles can be unlocked in Classic mode for 5000 Essence.

A screenshot of eight unlockable Mastermind playstyles: "Mastermind: Cartel" (a ripped brown sack with gold coins spilling out), "Mastermind: Cash Out" (a brown treasure chest open to reveal gold inside), "Mastermind: Castle" (A castle with a central tower and two spires against a green background), "Mastermind: Chaos" (a red whirlwind full of dice), "Mastermind: Fiesta" (a brown wooden mug with frothy beer splashing out), "Mastermind: Hybrid" (a humanoid silhouette in a blue beam of energy emanating from geometric interlocking circles on the ground), "Mastermind: Redraw" (a pair of dice midair, blue background), and "Mastermind: Yolo" (an old-fashioned bronze lamp associated with genies; it his wispy red energy coming out). They are all available for 5000 essence. A message at the top says: "Legion TD 2 has no pay to win. These playstyles give you alternate fun ways to play the game, but are equal in power to the standard playstyles. Playstyles and special builders can be unlocked with Essence earned only by playing the game." The first sentence is in white; the second is in green.


Backgrounds are animated pieces of art that display as loading screens. Players automatically have access to two: the Beta King and the Earth King. Two featuring Yozora and Sovereign can be purchased for Premium Essence.

A screenshot of the four available backgrounds: Beta King (silver, black, and blue king with a spiky design; sand dunes in the background), Earth King (the brown and orange Earth King with thunderstorms in the background), Yozora (a light-skinned woman with a black ponytail that fades to white. She is wearing a white-and-red dress and matching hat, which is suggestive of fox ears. White energy crackles in her hand, and the background is white clouds), and Sovereign (a backlit man who is entirely concealed by white, gray, and bronze winged armor; the bottom of the armor forms a white feathered skirt accessorized with a blue sash belt. He is dual wielding swords). The Beta King is "Owned", the Earth King is "Equipped!", and the other two are available for 1260 Premium Essence. A message at the top reads: "Legion TD 2 has no pay to win. These are optional cosmetics that support continued development. Remember, Premium Essence can also be earned just by playing and participating in a guild!" (the first sentence is in white; the second is in green).

Game Coach

The default Game Coach can be replaced by other Game Coaches with different appearances and voice lines; see the main article for more details.

A screenshot of the three available Game Coaches. The default Game Coach (a mole with a light bulb, graduation cap, and sunglasses holding a black pointer) is equipped. The Cheerful Game Coach (a mole with a party hat, sunglasses, and blue pom-poms with confetti in the background) and the Darth Game Coach (a mole with a black hood, sunglasses, and a facial scar with flames in the background) are both available for 600 essence. A message at the top says: "Legion TD 2 has no pay to win. These are optional cosmetics that support continued development. Remember, Premium Essence can also be earned just by playing and participating in a guild!" (the first sentence is in white, the second is in green)

Card Trader

The Card Trader allows you to buy and sell cards. Each day, one card from an array of 24 can be bought at random for 7500 essence or 395 premium essence. There is typically only 1 secret card, with most of the cards being 3 or fewer stars in rarity. Whenever a player buys a card from the Card Trader, they gain card fragments; these can be redeemed for a card of the player's choice. Players also gain Card Trader pity points whenever they do not acquire a secret card; if a player acquires 10 in a row, they will unlock 10 additional card fragments.

Screenshot of the Card Trader. The Trader himself is a catlike humanoid with light brown and white fur. He's wearing a red-trimmed white turban accessorized with a bronze paw print and blue feather. His purple robes are paired with a red sash and scarf. He's holding a card with its back to the player in one hand; in the other hand, he is using scales to weigh essence and premium essence (orange and clear gems). His speech bubble says "Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor." To the left are an array of cards for sale, including a timer of how long they will be available. The explanatory text reads: "The Card Trader offers you a random card from 24 cards everyday. Each card has an equal chance of being picked. Each time you unlock a random card, you also gain Card Fragments, which you may spend to unlock a card of your choice." (there is also a Help tooltip labeled "What are cards used for?") Of the 24 cards, 1 is a secret card, 2 are 5 star cards, 6 are 4 star cards, 5 are 3 star cards, and the rest are 2 star cards. At the bottom of the screen are options to buy cards with essence or premium essence, a button to sell cards, total card fragments (that can be used to buy cards), and Trader pity points (which can be used to gain card fragments; icon is a sad emoji hugging a heart).