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+7 Income
Fully random roll
Reroll costs 1 Income


  • Yolo gives a fully random roll, meaning absolutely none of the unit guarantees present in every other Mastermind option.
  • The other options guarantee that your roll will include at least one Tier 1 unit, as well as a balanced set of attack and armour types. Yolo however does not have any such protection, your roll will be truly random. This playstyle is definitely not for the risk averse!
  • However the high variance offered by this playstyle can be very fun to play with and working around a difficult roll is a very interesting challenge for some players.
  • Due to the high risk nature of this playstyle, Yolo gives the player +7 income, making it the highest income Mastermind option other than Cartel. This playstyle is well suited to players who enjoy high risk and high reward.
  • Yolo is also the only playstyle where there is a cost to using your Reroll ability. As this takes away some of the variance from your roll, there is a minus 1 income penalty for Yolo players using reroll.
  • Despite the cost, using reroll early can often be the correct play if your initial roll is too difficult to work with. For example, if your Yolo roll does not give any cheap units, you should almost always use reroll on wave 1, as this is the only time that reroll has a chance to give you a Tier 1 unit.