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+4 Income
Infinite Reroll


  • Redraw allows you to reroll your units whenever you want at the cost of some gold, which scales throughout the game.
    • Most of the time, try not to reroll on wave 1, as it will still cost 1 gold, which you are already suffering from -1 income compared to the "default" mastermind, Greed.
  • For every reroll, you will be given one unit from each tier of units of 1-6. This is identical to the roll you would get from Chaos.
  • Be careful of rerolling in the early game, as if you are looking for a specific unit to put down on a particular wave, rerolling too often can cause you to not have enough gold to put it down or upgrade another unit. Often, it is alright to put down a good enough unit rather than looking for the perfect answer.
  • Try to space your units out with an empty aura slot in the middle touching multiple units to make room for any potential aura units you reroll into.
    • For example, if you find an Elite Archer on wave 7, don't put it right next to your tank, but maybe next to your already placed Bazooka.
  • Mid to Late game is where Redraw shines, as you can find certain unit combinations that can give you more than your gold's worth of value. In an extremely even game, if everyone has 3k value and getting sent 1k mythium, but your team might just hold out the base race because you have an extremely powerful combination of Whitemane and Hell Gate delaying the longest.
  • On waves past 20, Redraw offers the most potential of endgame builds. Whereas other masterminds has to make do with putting down Tier 4 units, every unit Redraw puts down in the late game can be guaranteed to have Tier 6 units.
  • Have fun trying out new unit combinations! You can plan around legion spells the most out of any masterminds, if you see that the legion spell has Titan, and you happen to reroll into Yozora and Tree of Life, well you know what to do.