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“A cage can contain its body, but not its fury.”

Tanky. Attacks quickly when low life.


  • An Oathbreaker is the Gold.png 75 upgrade of a Chained Fist. It is the cheapest upgraded fortified unit. Its hitpoints become even more effective for its cost, at 11.9 health per gold. Additionally, an Oathbreaker gains a new ability, Unchained Rage, stating "Once it reaches 50% life, it attacks 275% fasterk but hits random targets. Effective use of this ability will hinge dramatically on the use of a Split and good Pathing & Targeting in your lane.
    • Once an Oathbreaker has procced its Unchained Rage, it will stay permanently in this state. This means that an Oathbreaker in combination with a Desert Pilgrim or Seadragon/Lifebinder can maintain its increased DPS state while also tanking. Similarly, if an Oathbreaker is under the skill effect of the Lost Chieftain, it will proc unchained rage at half of its total hitpoints, not half of its original.
  • An Oathbreaker is very powerful early game. It is one of the few units that can clear Wave 1: Crabs while starting with 5 workers. If it is sent a snail, it can leak anywhere from 20% - 82% depending on targeting during Unchained Rage. Adding a Split later on into the game is especially important in order to continue to reliably proc the Unchained Rage.
  • An Oathbreaker is notably weak on Wave 4: Flying Chickens, where it is typed perfectly opposite to the wave. It is weakest to Snail, Brute, Fiend, and Cannoneer sends in the early game. After the early game, an Oathbreaker is much weaker as it becomes close to impossible to consistently proc its Unchained Rage.






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