Tree of Knowledge

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“Product description: "A taste to die for." 0 Customer Reviews.”

When it dies or reaches max mana, it deals a burst of damage to nearby enemies.


The Tree of Knowledge is one of the two upgraded forms of the Treant. It starts with 0 mana and gains mana whenever it hits (2 mana per hit) or gets hit (0.04 mana per hit). Once it reaches full mana or dies, its ability is triggered and it releases an explosion, dealing considerable damage to nearby enemies. If the Tree of Life released an explosion due to full mana, it will start over with empty mana and can explode again. While its primary attack deals impact damage, its ability deals magic damage. The Tree of Knowledge is a strong early game unit and can mostly hold waves 2-5 solo. Note that, while the Tree of Knowledge might kill all of the wave, you might leak the mercenaries, such as a Lizard, which is out of range of the explosion, or a Brute on half health. Also, a Brute on wave 5 will make a Tree of Knowledge leak every unit on low health. Adding a Tier 1 fighter mitigates this problem.

Besides gaining mana from hits, the Tree of Knowledge can also gain mana from Sacred Steed, Pegasus, Starcaller, and the Magician legion spell. Another strong legion spell for the Tree of Knowledge is Guardian Angel, as the on death explosion does not consume the Tree's mana, allowing it to explode again with even more power.






This unit was added to the game on April 12th, 2023.