Wave 9: Carapaces

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“Uses its horn to strip bark from trees to build nests.”

General Information

Wave 9: Carapaces consists of 12 Carapaces each giving 12 Gold.png when killed (144 Gold.png total).

  • Carapaces have the innate ability of reducing all ranged damage by 15%.


  • Due to the ability of the Carapaces, as well as being fortify, all ranged pierced units such as Elite Archer and Sky Queen will have their damage cut by almost half.
    • Therefore, it is best to have strong single target melee units, such as Harbinger and Head Chef.
  • When sending on wave 9, Ogre is good when you expect for them to place down a fortify unit, or Safety Mole when you want to reduce their ranged damage even further.
    • Wave 9 is a good wave to send on if you expect the enemy to build too many pierce or arcane units on the previous two waves, by which they will leak to even 2 Cannoneer
  • Fire Lord is a surprisingly good unit to put down this wave despite being swift, since the wave does not do very much damage by itself.
  • Be careful of sending many Brute or Imp on this wave, since common units to put down this wave are Deathcap and Soul Gate which can both easily snipe the mercenaries.






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