Wave 4: Flying Chickens

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“Can taste saltiness, but not sweetness. Will do anything for a pretzel.”

General Information

Wave 4: Flying Chickens consists of 12 Flying Chicken each giving 8 Gold.png when killed (96 Gold.png total).


  • Due to the fact that this wave is flying it takes reduced damage from Pyro and Tempest making it a great wave to send against these fighters.
  • Although Fiend has the same typing as the wave, it is often very strong on this wave, as many units simply don't have the damage to burst it out down fast enough.
    • This is especially true if they have a vulnerable split, such as Fire Archer or Devilfish, by which you can send the Fiend or Dino to the split by adding a Snail or Dragon Turtle, in which the split dies fast without dealing damage to the wave.
  • Don't be afraid to let your ranged units such as Seadragon tank on this wave, many ranged units have good defence typing on this wave.
  • Brute isn't very effective on this wave, since it has the same damage typing as the wave, as well as not tanking for the wave and is often ignored until last.






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