Slime Siren

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“Mimics the form of a female humanoid partly to protect itself, but mostly just for fun”

Leaves behind Slime Larva when it dies. If it fights long enough before dying, it spawns 3 Slime Larva.

General Information

  • Slime Siren Will gain 0.8 mana when it attacks and 0.4 when attacked. It has no natural mana regeneration and starts at 0 mana.
  • The Slime Larva it spawns also have its ability to spawn a Mini Slime.
  • The Slime Larva it spawns has 310 health points and 31 Impact damage, while the Mini Slime will have 110 health and 13 impact damage. This result in a total of 1590 health If a single Slime Larva is spawned, or 2470 health with all 3 Slime Larvae.



  • Slime Siren is an effective unit to add if you expect the enemy to send a Four Eyes to your lane. Each Slime Larva and Mini Slimes spawned will be a new target for which the Four Eyes will need to reset its ability.
  • Inversely, Slime Siren is weak against Needler, Centaur, Witch and Mimic as those Mercenaries are effective against multiple small units. Building too many Slime larvae should be avoided.
  • Because Its spawns will tend to revive farther away than the rest of your units, its unlikely to attack the same target as your other units. Due to that, you should not rely Its spawns as a source of damage.
  • To maximize how much mana is obtained by Slime Siren, build it on the left of the lane so it does not die too quickly.






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